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How to boost immunity | how to increase immunity home remedies

How to boost immunity? and how to increase immunity home remedies With natural foods, it is possible to strengthen your immune system by taking the substances necessary for the functioning of your immune system into your body and eliminating toxic substances with natural methods. Vitamins, minerals and fats taken from healthy foods help the cell to work in perfect harmony. 

#how to boost immunity
#how to boost immunity 

If your immune system is weak, the question you should ask yourself is: "What is missing and insufficient in my body? And How to boost immunity" You can correct most of the deficiencies by living a healthy life and gaining a good eating habit. If you have a weak immune system, a few nutritional supplements (beta-glucan, vitamins) can play an important role in strengthening your immune system until your deficiencies are overcome.

  • how to boost immunity?
  • how to increase immunity home remedies


Important factors to strengthen ; How to boost immunity 




Cells must communicate, remove toxic substances and function in all body systems. It helps to store healthy energy. Dehydration can cause cancer cells to proliferate. Do not neglect to drink enough water. The mineral can be added if you drink purified water.

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Consumption of Unprocessed Food

Eat toxin-free, natural food as possible (toxins are things that are not used by body cells, including pesticides.) Unprocessed food diets can help strengthen many of our systems. A natural diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. Try to consume natural foods as much as possible.

Consumption of Raw Vegetables and Fruits, Some studies indicate that consumption of raw vegetables and fruits provides a strong shield against cancer cells. It can be said that it has a good role in strengthening the immune system among all food categories. High enzyme levels distinguish harmful bacteria and harmful cells, so the immune system destroys these pests. Raw foods preserve 100% of nutritional values, enzymes and proteins and can help eliminate harmful toxins.

Green Leaf Plants (Raw) Converts the acidic pH (disease state) level to the alkaline pH (health state) level, scientifically proven to prolong life. Full of natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium, antioxidant greens are loaded with phytonutrient protection.

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5 foods containing chlorophyll;


Lettuce, cabbage, chard, spinach, parsley.

Carotene Rich Products are among the foods that play an important role in strengthening the immune system. It increases the number and function of white blood cells. Increases T3 and T4 cells. It enlarges the thymus, which shrinks tumours. It protects healthy cells from carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances. Zinc, which processes vitamin A, is found in these foods.


#how to boost immunity
#how to boost immunity 

Examples of foods containing carotene;

Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, melons, cabbage, beets, greens, papaya, broccoli, apricots, mango, peaches, pumpkin.


It is beneficial not to consume artificial forms of beta-carotene and vitamin A.


Apples and Coriander;

These two have very important properties in removing heavy metals (weaken the immune system). They are excellent sources of fibre. They contain many good food sources that will strengthen the immune system.

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Fresh Fruit Juices;

Fresh raw vegetable juice is the most concentrated and easy raw food source. It is the best immune system booster not only because it is raw, but also because it is a concentrated nutrient. When squeezed, carrots are a great source of carotene and enzymes.


Lifestyle factor The

changes you make in your daily life affect your health. These factors are crucial to strengthening your immune system.


#how to boost immunity
#how to boost immunity 


This is when the body is most repaired. The amount of sleep is directly related to the energy amount of the next day. Getting enough sleep and rest is important for a strong immune system.

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It increases the reaction time of antibodies, increases your body temperature and increases macrophages, triggers the production of beta-endorphins that attach to killer T cells, and increases their pest killing rate by about 63%. It reduces stress. Most importantly, it activates the lymphatic system that catches and destroys unwanted cells. As it enables the body to take oxygen, it strengthens the immune system (low oxygen level can increase cancer cells and bacteria), stimulates T lymphocytes.


PH Value of your body;

One of the important elements of the immune system is the pH value of our body. Alkaline foods and water can help neutralize excess acids that build up in the body. pH shows the acidity of the water. Between 0-7 is considered acidic, and between 7-17 is considered alkaline water.


Beta-glucan-containing food consumption

Beta-Glucan is a simple polysaccharide extracted from the baker's yeast cell wall. It is a completely natural nutritional supplement that has gained a reputation for years as an immune system supporter by activating the immune system by binding to special surfaces on macrophages (white blood cells) that make the first defence of our immune system. Foods and supplements containing 1.3 / 1.6 bonded beta-glucan can play an important role in strengthening your immune system.


Protection from EMAs (electromagnetic field);

Ema radiation is around us and attacks our immune system, especially thanks to rapidly developing technology. Since it is completely invisible, we cannot know how much we are exposed to until we control our environment.


Regular check-

ups Having your general health check-ups will help you see your future.


Diet (fasting);

It may play a role in removing toxins, reducing fat cells containing toxins, increasing the ability of white blood cells to break down harmful bacteria, increasing the antibody level of IgA, IgM vs IgG (disease-fighting immunoglobins). Do not start a water-only diet, fasting before you prepare your body and start it slowly. A regular and healthy diet strengthens your immune system. Unconscious diets can play a role in the collapse of your immune system. We recommend that you get support from your dietitian for the diet.


How to boost immunity with Relaxation Techniques;

Relaxation techniques play an important role in boosting the immune system. It increases antibody level by reducing stress. Stress is a very important factor affecting your immune system both for good and for bad. The suggested remedy for stress and relaxation is often on a chain. Meditation after a healthy diet and regular rest can be a good solution.

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Daylight ;

It increases killer T cells and vitamin D3, which have many anti-cancer properties, including protecting against colon cancer. Too little or too much weakens the immune system.



It has been observed that it strengthens the immune system and increases the number of antibodies.



Body cells take hope and motivation from the mind. The reason why a positive attitude and positive words are important is that a positive attitude strengthens the immune system.


Note: In this article information about #how to boost immunity? And All content herein, including information from physicians and other healthcare professionals, is for informational purposes only. It cannot replace your doctor's treatment, diagnosis and recommendation. Consult your health institution or your doctor for diagnosis, suggestion and treatment information. Natural ways to boost the immune system.


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