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How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone

How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone?. Telemarketers and hackers spam our phones. How do we stop them? Even if you register your phone number with DND in the National Do Not Disturb, you can still receive unwanted calls and texts to your mobile phone or landline. Robocallers are ruthless, and not only can they seriously hurt your day, but you can withdraw money from your money once you gain your trust.


How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone
How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone 

How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone


For example, a Microsoft tech support scam believes that people have a software license issue on their computers and can allow a hacker access to consumers' computers. Malicious text messages can likewise lead users to access top-secret malicious sites or voluntary information (things like your address or other personally identifiable information). At least these texts and phone calls are annoying and abusive.

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Blocking Text Messages on Android


There are several call blocking apps on Android to prevent unwanted callers from bothering you again. I like PrivacyStar (free) for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry because it allows you to check calls and texts not only from individual numbers (for example, ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend that will not leave you alone). these are unknown or private.

PrivacyStar's crowd-sourced blocked database can expand your blocked list to include the worst offenders and file a complaint to the government for spam and spam. It should be noted that PrivacyStar works best on Android; With iPhone, call and text blocking does not work due to working restrictions (whether reverse phone lookup and complaint filing).


iPhone: & # 34; Don't Respond & # 34; Use List


An alternative for iOS users is to create a separate "do not respond" group in your contacts and create a custom or silent ringtone to ignore those people (or robots ).


Fixed: Block Specific or Unknown Numbers


If you still have a landline phone number from your phone company, you can have more robust blocking features. For example, you can log into your Verizon home phone account to enter certain phone numbers you want to permanently block.

Verizon also has the option to block anonymous callers, but I didn't understand that this is very reliable; "Unavailable" phone calls are still in progress. Even worse, if he starts to get mad by malicious robocallers, you can contact your phone company to get in touch with the numbers at hand to be permanently blocked.

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Best Apps for Everyone - How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone


Annoying, unwanted, and anonymous calls can be just as aggravating as a security risk. Avoid the worst possible situations by handling these threats wisely:

DND in the National Do Not Disturb - even if the caller says you need to press a number to cancel future messages. All you have to do is verify that your number is genuine for the spammer or scammer.

Similarly, do not respond to unwanted text messages or click any link. (This applies to both voicemails and emails, does not include voicemails and phone calls.)

Do not enter your phone number on online or offline forms unless it is really necessary. Burner is a great privacy app for iPhone and Android that gives you disposable phone numbers so you can protect your privacy.

Hopefully, we'll be able to fix this problem of robbers and spammers soon, but since telemarketers have been bothering us all from the phone's inception, we'll probably be proactive to prevent all of this from happening again. (Also, if the calls are life-threatening, inform the police immediately.)

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OPERATING SYSTEMS: How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone


Android: There are solutions to prevent unwanted text messages and calls in smartphones operating systems. Open the Recents screen from the 'Call History' section on smartphones with the Android operating system. Switch to the 'Call Details' section by tapping on the number you don't want. If you click the 'Block Number' section directly on the page that opens, this number will no longer reach you. If you want to block someone who has not called you, open the Phone section in the 'Contacts' section. Then you can add the person or number you do not want by going to the 'Call Barring' section from the section opened by touching 'Settings' in the upper right section.

iOS: Go to the details screen by touching the information (i) sign next to the number you want to block from the 'Recents' section. Complete the number blocking job by pressing the 'Block This Caller' section at the bottom of this section. Also, if you want to block someone who has not called you yet, go to the 'Settings' section and press 'Blocked' from the 'Phone' section. You can block the number you do not want to call by tapping 'Add New'.

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APPLICATIONS: How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone


Applications, which are the must-have of smartphones, also offer text message or number blocking features to users. There are currently two popular apps for blockingunwanted calls. One of them is Truecaller. Unwanted (spam) calls can be blocked with a single touch in these applications, which work on the call records of users' smartphones. These applications, which detect unknown numbers in incoming calls, also inform the company that the call came from before answering the calls to the users. Besides, these apps also work as a directory, helping you find what you're looking for by name or number.

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