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Opening a Car Wash Shop | How to Open a Car Wash Shop?

Opening a Car Wash Shop | How to Open a Car Wash Shop?,One of the business ideas that those who want to start a new business should consider is opening a car wash. Those who are curious about opening a car wash often ask questions such as how much capital is required, what permits and equipment are. I have included answers to all questions in this article.

Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop
Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop

What Will You Find In This Post?


• How to Open a Car Wash Shop?


o 1. Make a Car Wash Shop Opening Schedule


o 2. Make a Competitor Analysis


o 3. Create a Detailed Business Plan


• How Much is the Car Wash Opening Cost in 2021?


• Equipment Required to Open a Car Wash


• Documents Required to Open a Car Wash

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Opening a car wash shop is among the things that can be done with little capital. A business with high customer potential and a good earning door. Nowadays, there is a car in almost every home and the rate of those who prefer car wash for washing is quite high. As such, the idea of opening a car wash shop lies in the minds of entrepreneurs.

If you are someone who is thinking of opening a car wash, there are some points you should pay attention to beforehand. First of all, trust that you can do this job. Because starting a business is not an easy process. You will have a lot to overcome. You should not ignore issues such as competition with competitors, customer satisfaction, good and safe washing of vehicles, workplace, and employee safety.

After opening your shop, you need to be sure that you will enjoy this job. The negativities that you may encounter should not scare you. You should prepare a good business plan beforehand and ensure that your business progresses with minimum problems. You should not make the mistake that it is easy to open a car wash.

Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop
Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop

To open a car wash, it is important to do field research beforehand. Exchange information about the details of the job with someone you know who does this job or a car wash you have washed your car. Listen to the advice of those who are experts in the business.

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I can say that the place you will choose is the most important among the requirements to open a car wash. Because the choice of venue will lead you directly to profit. Opening a car wash shop on a road with traffic, so to speak, where vehicles are buzzing, will make you successful.

A successful venue should be near a shopping center, in high traffic areas, in a residential area, easily visible from the road, allowing expansion and commercial growth, and have enough space for cars to line up.

You also need to check if there are any rival car wash shops around when choosing a place. If there are one or more car washes nearby, it can be challenging for you to compete. Because they have an established customer base and your chances of competing with them are low. That's why you should do good research when choosing a venue.

You also need to choose the equipment to be used when opening the shop. Because if you use poor quality materials, it will constantly deteriorate and will disrupt work. However, you can continue your business without looking back at quality material and equipment selection that will take you for a long time. When you purchase wholesale, you can get quality materials at affordable prices. So do not think that there will be too much expense.


How to Open a Car Wash Shop?

You have decided to open a car wash shop, but if you do not know how to do this, I have listed the steps you need to follow below.

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      1.Make a Car Wash Shop Opening Schedule 

Before you get into the car wash opening business, research the industry thoroughly. Even if you come from within the sector, you need to know the latest developments to open a car wash. Visit carwash shops and determine what type of car wash you want to open. Among your options are self-service, automatic, waterless, and similar types.

Keeping a close watch on vehicle sales will be important data to see the business potential of car washes. As a result, the increase in the number of vehicles in traffic will increase the business and the demand for car wash will increase in this way. Monitoring car sales data around you will also help you calculate extra customers that may come to your car wash shop.

Research what's getting popular about industries from the Internet. Find out what kind of expectations people in the place where you will open a car wash shop are interested in. Observe how car washers who act accordingly serve.

Follow the equipment and materials that are newly released in the industry and use them as much as possible. Keeping up to date on car wash can be an important feature that sets you apart from others. New products are generally energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Using energy efficiently makes you happy in terms of cost.

       2. Make a Competitor Analysis

There will certainly be people doing the same job as you in the same region. Do not run away from the competition. Because competition will be the driving force for you and a reason to get better every day. If you turn this into an advantage, you will be on the lucrative side.

By doing competitor analysis, you can look at what services they offer differently from you, and you can improve yourself on the issues you are missing. Analyze why customers prefer them and create an action plan accordingly. If necessary, go to their shop as a mystery shopper and see their service on the spot.

Check out your competitors' pricing policy. See what their cost is and whether the prices they offer are recovering. Talk to the business owner and handle your conversation like a regular customer. You can get the information you want because it will see you sincerely.


Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop
Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop

3.          3Create a Detailed Business Plan

Thanks to this business plan, it will be easier for you to get the financing required to open a car wash shop and you will be able to see the details of the business better. Try to make your business plan as detailed as possible so that the small details that are overlooked will not be a problem for you later on.

Sections that should be in an ideal business plan introduction, market research, company description, organization and management, marketing and sales strategies, products and services, capital, and financial information.

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In the introduction section, there should be information such as contents, a summary of your administrative structure. In the market research section, you should find the results of your examinations and researches related to the sector.

All information about your car wash shop should be included in the company description. Here, information such as where you are, how many people you serve, your business volume can be included.

In the organization and management part, who does what, the descriptions of the work done, and the duties and qualifications of the employees should be included.

It should contain information such as marketing and sales strategies, ways to reach the customer, how to make advertisements, and methods to increase the recognition of the shop.

The products and services section should also include whatever is offered to the customer. Why customers should choose you over others should be included.

The capital and financial information part is the last part and the most critical part. Because for your car wash shop to survive, the income must be more than the expenses. The money left to you after the employees' salaries have been paid should satisfy you.

How Much is the Car Wash Opening Cost in 2021?

After creating a business plan, you can switch to the calculation of how much money it costs to open a car wash shop. The cost of opening a car wash will vary depending on how large a business you open. If you plan to open a very large space, the cost can be doubled.

The cost of opening a car wash shop is not very high. Since it will be a profitable business, it can cover its cost in as little as 6 months. Of course, the cost may differ from place to place. For the cost of opening a car wash, we can say that it varies between 50,000 and 60,000.

This cost may include the rent of the workplace, decoration, equipment to be purchased,

 materials, establishment costs, and other expenses. Others, except rent, include one-off costs or costs that you will not bear for a long time. These are the costs incurred before opening a car wash shop.

 There will also be costs to be incurred after opening a car wash shop. These; employee wages, utility bills (electricity, water, heating), accounting expenses, and other expenses.


Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop
Opening a Car Wash Shop  How to Open a Car Wash Shop

Equipment Required to Open a Car Wash

The equipment you will buy will take shape according to the type and size of the shop you will open. If you are going to open a small car wash shop, you will need relatively less equipment. The necessary equipment to open a car wash can be listed as follows:

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• Pressure washer


• Vacuum cleaner


• Seat washing machine


• Foam spray machine


• Cake polishing machine


• Chemicals and detergents


• Drying equipment


• Car wash brush


• Bucket, wipes, hose, etc. other supplies


Documents Required to Open a Car Wash


After deciding to establish your business, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permissions. As with every job, there are conditions for opening a car wash in this business. First of all, you need to get a license from the municipality. The documents required for the car wash license are as follows:


Conditions for obtaining a car wash license :


• Application petition,


• Title deed and lease agreement of the relevant place,


• In the case of public property, permission/allocation or lease contract,


• The measured and scaled site plan of the relevant place,


• In places with main artery exit, the decision and opinion of the Directorate of Science Affairs will be taken,


• Discharge permission will be obtained from the Directorate of Science.


Example 2, which is the Annex of the Regulation on Opening a Business and Working License No, filling out the application/declaration form for the non-sanitary business license and receiving its attachments in the form.

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In addition to these, the conditions for opening the car wash are as follows:


• The area of the car wash will be at least 100 m2, and there will be an additional 5-vehicle parking lot.


• Car washes that are allowed to operate will be closed at 20:00 in the winter months and at 21:00 in the summer months.


• Apart from the car wash area, there will be a customer waiting room.


• A car wash place cannot be opened in buildings without a building use permit.


• For additions to an existing building to be used for car washing, a permit will be obtained from the Directorate of Technical Affairs.


• The current slope of the water will be given to the grid, water will not be poured into the environment.


• The washing area will be closed and noise insulation will be made.


• The walls in the area to be washed will be covered with waterproof material, including the ceiling.


• A prepaid meter will be installed for the water used in the workplace.


• Employee personnel shall not be employed in athletes or short shorts in violation of general morality, except for work clothes, which will be paid attention to.


• Fire safety measures of car wash Necessary measures will be taken following the provisions of the "Regulation on the protection of buildings from fire".


• The Police Department will inspect the car wash place within a week.

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These documents and conditions may be different in each municipality, so you can get the most accurate information by going to the municipality of the place where you will open your business.



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