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Onedrive by Microsoft | backup and sharing

Onedrive by Microsoft | backup and sharing, previously SkyDrive, the cloud storage service known as a personalized onedrive by Microsoft, announced that it has entered into service by name. Who logs into onedrive will have benefit from 100 GB of storage capacity and backup and sharing,

Onedrive by Microsoft | backup and sharing
Onedrive by Microsoft | backup and sharing

Onedrive by Microsoft for backup and sharing

With the new onedrive by Microsoft, users can save documents, videos, photos, and other files and take advantage of advanced file sharing features. Thanks to the updated Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Xbox applications, it is possible to easily access the files stored in the OneDrive service from mobile platforms.

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Ideal alternative for backup and sharing

Sixty-six percent of cloud users do not back up the content they store on their devices on any other media. Sixty-nine percent of these users state that they would rather lose the device than lose their stored data.

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Providing free and high-capacity storage space on the Internet, OneDrive offers users an ideal alternative to backing up files securely and efficiently accessible from anywhere. The 7 GB of storage space provided to all users registered to the OneDrive service allows the storage of nearly 7 thousand photos.

Your photos are a direct backup in the cloud drive.

One of the new features that come with OneDrive is the automatic camera backup feature on Android devices. Thus, data transfer from Android devices to other devices becomes much more comfortable than ever.

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Offering 7 GB of storage space to all registered users as standard, OneDrive offers paid storage alternatives of 50, 100, and 200 GB upon request. Friends recommended for users located in the one drive, for every person who accepts their invitation to 500 MB, including 5GB up to free will have the additional storage space. Also, it will provide 3 GB of extra free storage space to those who use the camera backup feature.

Existing SkyDrive users will continue using the onedrive by Microsoft service with the user information they used for SkyDrive.  

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