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Top google chrome extension 2021

Top google chrome extension 2021, We have compiled the topic of Chrome Extensions for you. Google has already put a lot of effort into the Chrome browser to deliver a clean interface, smooth performance, easy syncing features, and much more. However, with the top google chrome extension 2021, there are ways to improve its functionality further and achieve greater productivity during browsing sessions.

Top google chrome extension 2021
Top google chrome extension 2021

Top google chrome extension 2021


In this article, we have listed the Top google chrome extension 2021, and this will help you with your daily online activities by saving your time and automating your tasks to save your efforts. Please be aware that using too many extensions for Google Chrome can affect its performance. Therefore, you should only keep the Chrome extensions you need . Let's take a look at the Best Google Chrome Extensions topic.


The best google chrome extension  for productivity


This is a category of Chrome extensions with many extensions, each made to perform a different task and help you save time. From note-taking extensions to password managers and productivity trackers to bookmark extensions, you will find a wide variety of google chrome extensions on the internet that can make your daily life more comfortable. Here are some of the Chrome extensions I recommend for productivity:

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Google Keep


This note-taking extension from Google allows you to add quick reminders that you want to visit later, save pages, images and text. Google Keep's clean UI lets me focus on the ideas I want to take notes in a hurry. The best part is Android and iOS for the mobile app available and offers easy sync options - which is one of the best google chrome extensions for me.


Stay Focusd


If you're someone like me losing time browsing random stuff on the internet, trust me, you need this Chrome extension for productivity.


ZenMate VPN


We all know that Google Chrome collects information about your browsing patterns and habits when you go online. Securing your browsing sessions through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is an excellent way to avoid Google's all-seeing eyes. For more privacy, you can use VPN google chrome extension such as:


ZenMate is one of the best VPN extensions for Chrome that offers a lifetime free and unlimited plan. It has everything a free VPN extension can offer - encrypting traffic, good speed, multiple servers for proxy locations, etc. It has additional security features such as encryption, WebRTC blocking, and NATFirewall to prevent hackers from scanning your device.


News Tab


Many on the Internet news site and it can be not easy to visit each one individually. This is where the Chrome extension for news helps you get the latest updates right from your browser.


It is one of the best google chrome extensions for reading news. News Tab automatically gathers trending information from widespread and trusted sources in one place for you. It allows you to add resources to the feed if you want to read the news on specific topics. The best part is that every time you open a new tab, all the headlines are displayed on the screen. So you can get all the necessary information when switching between tabs.

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Easy Reader


If you regularly read articles online, you must have come across items with distractions on the web page. To improve your online reading experience, you can use Chrome reader extensions to eliminate annoying ads, popups, or videos on websites.You can use Easy Reader to open a new interface free of distractions and annoying popups.




The Usersnap extension allows developers to test their apps, capture screenshots, track bugs, and collect feedback on any prototype website or app. It is one of Chrome's best extensions for developers to use in the daily workflow and feedback process.


Google Translate


Try using Google Translate as a plugin, which most of us already use. If you spend a lot of time on foreign language sites, it is very convenient for you. Google Translate Plugin's Translate Full Page Feature


When you install the plugin and start using it, the plugin offers you the possibility to translate the entire page in this way. Simultaneously, when you translate to your language and change the primary language of the page, it also shows you the original sentences you moved the cursor over and gives you a test. 


Grammarly for Chrome


Grammarly will fix grammar errors for you when writing in a language other than your native language. It can become an indispensable add-on, especially for all writers, students, and people interested in writing due to its ease of use. 




This plugin offers some of the possibilities provided by Google Translate. Translating the sentences, moving your cursor over to the language you want is also available in this plugin. 


While you have to choose which language to translate in Google Translate from a list, it is enough to type the language in this plugin. 




It is also a plugin for translating words on websites, but it has a few good things. Here, we can keep the stories we translated together and create our dictionary. More of an app for learning English than any other. It includes visuals that make it easy to memorize, at least five synonyms for each word, and audio pronunciation.


Right-Click Search IMDB


If you love watching movies and immediately check the IMDB score before watching a movie again, this plugin will meet your expectations. The plugin offers you the IMDB score quickly when you 'right click' the movie and search with this plugin. 

Search on Youtube


This plugin also allows you to access the movie's videos before starting the film and getting an idea about the movie quickly. You directly click on 'search on Youtube,' and the plugin is researching on Youtube for your film. 




It is a handy google chrome extension, especially for series with difficult subtitles. Sometimes even hours can be spent on this, but start typing the name of the movie, TV series, documentary and let OpenSubtitles find the subtitle for you. 


CrxMouse Gestures 


With this plugin, you can provide customization when switching between tabs. You can create custom mouse and click gestures for opening and closing tabs or switching to other tabs. 

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Picture-In-Picture for Chrome


If you are watching a video on any site but think 'let the video stay on the sidelines, let me take a look at it,' I can easily recommend this plugin. In such a case, your video will come to the bottom right of the window when you use this plugin. You will also be able to watch your video while working on other tabs. 




While other plugins strain your browser a little, you can consider this plugin memory-friendly. If you work on a few projects and open many tabs for each project, you can keep these tabs neatly. When you start another project, opening the options you need directly is one reason that makes the add-on 'indispensable' after a while. 


Tab Wrangler


Tab Wrangler is a unique boon for users who don't like to work with crowded tabs. Thanks to this plugin, unused accounts are automatically closed and stored in the plugin's tab storage. You can either reopen or delete all the tabs saved in the plugin. Also, Tab Wrangler does not interfere with the locked tabs.


Tab Resize


If you need to look at multiple tabs at once, Tab Resize is for you. Thanks to this extension, you can divide the Chrome screen and place tabs. Moreover, you can easily do them using different dimensions.




Thanks to Todoist, you can easily take notes and create to-do lists while in any tab. Also, the add-on has a website and application. It can work synchronously with this application. Finally, you can take notes in more than one category and create lists.


Notion Web Clipper


Another note-taking plugin is Notion Web Clipper. Notion's plugin, a very successful note application, can easily add and edit the websites you visit your Notion account. We recommend this plugin, perfect for saving sites, to Notion users.

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Momentum is a very successful plugin for organizations and organizations. With the plugin that creates a page that appears at every new tab opening, your work is always in front of your eyes. In the new tab, you will see your day's goal and to-do list.


AdBlocker Plus


Thanks to this application, which has quite many users, you get rid of the advertisements you encounter while surfing the internet. We recommend this plugin to everyone, especially perfect for various platforms that fill the site with ads rather than content.


Dark Reader


If you use the Chrome app frequently but don't like white light, Dark Reader is a great extension for you. Thanks to this plugin, you can change the brightness and contrast settings of any page you visit and switch the site to dark mode. Your eyes will love this plugin.



Forest is an add-on that will increase your work efficiency and help you stay focused. In Forest, which also has a mobile application, a tree is planted in your virtual garden if you can focus on your business during the time you set. However, if you browse one of the sites that you previously banned, even for a short time, your tree dies. If you want, you can block all sites during your working time.


Earth View from Google Earth


It is debated whether it is useful in terms of usability, but Earth View from Google Earth offers you high-quality images from various world points as a new tab background. We can see a different experience each time a new tab is opened, and we may encounter pleasant surprises.


Custom Cursor


Thanks to the Custom Cursor, we can change the mouse cursor's design in the Chrome application. We can choose whatever we want among thousands of designs. It is also possible to change the size of the cursor. Although you don't want to use others' methods, you can even upload your cursor design. We came to the end of the Top google chrome extension topic, 

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As it is known, Google Chrome is the web browser with the most users in the world. Of course, Google Chrome has so many users because it is fast and useful. So what are the types of Chrome extensions that will make Google Chrome more efficient for us? We have created a list of the best Google Chrome extensions of 2021 for you. We hope that the Google Chrome add-on list we think you may need for daily use will be useful. I hope it has been helpful.

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