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7 blogging Success secrets | how to start blogging?

7 blogging Success secrets | how to start blogging? Today Blogging is the best way to wish for millions of months sitting at home, but many people do not know that 7 blogging Success secrets | How To Start Blogging?

7 blogging Success secrets | how to start blogging?

That is, How To Start Blogging For Beginner. If you also want to learn Blogging, today I will give you complete information about how to start blogging? Today many people are not happy with their job, and they want to end their job, but due to some compulsion, they do not get their job ends. They do not know that they can make money online sitting at home in today's world. Blogging is the most popular way of earning online money today. If you had a little knowledge about Blogging, you would know Harsh Agarwal Sir whoIs the founder. He guides people and earns money by writing articles on Digital Blog, Online Earning, Affiliate Marketing, all these topics on his blog. Today, many bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, and Kulwant Negi are running their blogs like a business. You will not believe that today all of them are earning 20 - 2.5 million of the month from their blog. Before starting Blogging, you need to know the 7 blogging Success secrets | how to start blogging?

7 blogging Success secrets | how to start blogging?

 Today many people want to start Blogging, but they do not know how to start blogging. Before starting Blogging, it is essential to know what you call Blogging, i.e., blogging and how it works? A blog is a type of website on which you write your content. Content can be on any topic, and you can write your content in any language. But that content should be yours and should be unique. Today, when technology has become so easy today, any person can start blogging quickly. For this, you don't need to be more knowledgeable about Technology or Coding. If you are a teacher or a businessman, anyone can start blogging and learn their knowledge through the Internet.

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Today people can start blogging for only two reasons.

To be popular by sharing your knowledge in Free

Wish money through your knowledge

Yours also may be one of these two reasons behind starting Blogging, but before making money from Blogging, you should remember that if you want to money from Blogging for the long term, then first of all, through your blog, Gain the trust of. You will be able to earn money from Blogging only when people start trusting you. For this, write only quality content on your blog without giving the wrong information to your audience.

 Now I am going to tell you that you can be blogging how to start blogging.

You can create your blog in 20 Min by 7 blogging Success secrets and make money earn from it.

   1.Choose Topic for Your Blog

   2 . Choose Your Blog Name

   3.Choose Blogging The platform, Blogger Vs. WordPress

   4.Customize Your Blog

   5.Write the first blog post

   6.Promote your blog

   7.Earning from your blog

how to Choose The topic for your blog - how to start blogging?

 Before knowing how to start blogging, you have to know which topic you will be blogging on because today more than 600 million Blog / Website is available on the Internet. Many of these people got success in Blogging, and some did not. For those who cannot get success in Blogging today, the main reason behind them is that they do not know on which topic they want to write the blog. He starts writing all the articles of the category on his blog, due to which his Blog Rank is not available due to which he does not get success. 

 Suppose you want to be successful in blogging too, for this. In that case, you write a Single Category / Topic Pay Post on your blog, due to which your blog will only target the user of the specific category which is good for SEO, and Google can also make such blog soon Ranks. You should choose the topic of your blog about which you have good knowledge, like if you have more knowledge of technology-related things, then you can make your blog on this topic. In this also, if you have good knowledge about Smartphones, then you can make a blog on it. In this, you will ask that you choose the same topic, looking at your Hobby and Passion because if you write on such a topic, you will never succeed.

 In the starting days in Blogging, you have to work harder, and if you do not have a Hobby and Passion in it, you will not be able to continue for more days and give Blogging ends. In this way, you can write a blog post by hiring a Content Writer, but it may take you a long time to get success.

 If you do not get success due to this, then I would give you the same suggestion that if you want to start Blogging, then you start blogging are only on the topic attached to your Hobby and Passion.

 Choose Your Blog Name - how to start blogging?

 If you have decided on The topic for your blog, you can choose the name of your blog. Topic contributes a lot in choosing the name of the blog. If you want to put content related to technology on your blog, then you should keep it linked to your blog in the name of Tech or Technology. Like my blog name is Techy Troops, I put Tech related content for the same reason. I have used Tech Word in my blog name.

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If your blog has a Topic Show in your blog's name, then it is better than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point. This increases the chances of your blog getting ranked quickly. Just like your blog is related to Topic Blogging, you can name your blog Guide Blogging, Pro Blogging. This will place your blog on the topic of your blog, which will rank your blog quickly in Google.

 It is not necessary to have the name of your blog on the topic of your blog. If you want, you can also start your blog with your name, this will increase the value of your name, and you will be able to do your branding, which is also called Personal Branding today. Neil Patel Sir, who is the owner, blogs on Digital Marketing on his blog. The name of his blog and the URL of the blog has nothing related to Digital Marketing, but today it is one of the Top Digital Marketer. He did his branding, which is called Personal Branding. So the name of your blog doesn't need to be related to your topic.

3. Choose Blogging The platform, Blogger Vs. WordPress

Starting Blogging is even more important than you want to do Blogging on which platform because today, there are two ways of Blogging

Free Blogging

Paid Blogging

 To do start Blogging, you need a Domain and Hosting. In Free Blogging, you get both these things for free, and in Paid Blogging, you have to buy both these things. Both Free Blogging and Paid Blogging have different content.

In Free Blogging you - how to start blogging?

  1. Domain and Hosting Free for Lifetime

 2 . If you make your blog on Blogger, then your the blog will never be down and will not be hacked as it is a product of Google, due to which there will be no reduction in the security of your website.

  3. You cannot customize your blog too much, and you will get to see a minimal feature in it.

4, Extension has to be used in Blog Domain, due to which The blog is not ranked quickly. 

 To create a free blog, you can use websites like Blogger and Wix.

 5. You do not get any support in this. If the problem comes, then it has to solve itself. This is something you will find in the free blog now. In Paid Blogging you

 1.Pay for domain and hosting

 2 . If your hosting or domain expires, then the blog will be down, and there is a chance of getting hacked because you have to secure the blog yourself in this.

 3. You can customize your blog according to yourself, and you get a lot of features in it, due to which Blogging becomes easy.

 4. No extension has to be used in the Blog Domain, due to which it is easy to have a Blog Rank.

 Platform - WordPress

 5. In this, you get 24 * 7 Support. If you encounter any problem related to the platform, you can contact the WordPress team, and if you come in Hosting or Domain, you can contact it. He will help you in solving your problem as soon as possible. 

I have told you all that is the difference between Free Blogging and Paid Blogging. Now it is up to you to decide which platform you would like to choose. If you want to do free Blogging, you use Blogger because it is Google's product, due to which it is very safe. For free Blogging, you have to create an account on Blogger using your Gmail account. After that, you can write that post.

 4. For Paid Blogging, you have to take a Domain and Hosting.

You can also take the domain from anywhere, but it should be .com and the hosting you purchase from GreenGeeks itself. Their service is outstanding, and it provides 24 * 7 support. If you are a bit serious about Blogging and want to make money online, then invest a little in your blog, take a domain and hosting and start blogging on WordPress itself.

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Think of blogging from a business point of view. Can you make money without investing in a business? If not, make a Hosting and Dominate Purchase by investing a little in Blogging.WordPress is considered the best platform for Blogging today because, in this, you get unlimited customize and generous support. 39% of all bloggers in the world use Wordpress.org for Blogging. I also use WordPress for Blogging and hosting GreenGeeks, and so far, my experience is quite good.

As you must know that if you do not like to see food, it is not fun to eat that food. Similarly, to attract an audience, you have to customize your blog nicely.

You can do customization in many ways, like if you have made a Blog on Blogger, then you can customize it through ThemeTheme. Today there are many such themes on the Internet, using which you can give a professional look to your blog. To customize your blog, you can add many things to it. You can keep your blog's color according to your mind, which can make your blog Attractive. In Free Blogging, you can change the ThemeTheme to customize your blog, and you cannot do much but Paid Blogging which you will do on WordPress, in that you can customize your blog by using many other plugins.

5. Write the first blog post - how to start blogging?

How To Start Blogging is its most important step. You will know that the most challenging step to start in any work is to take the first step because we do not know where to start the work. If you do not start the work, then you do not know how to do the work. Similarly, if you do not do start Blogging, then how will you know whether to do how to Blogging or How To Start Blogging.

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You should not publish your first blog post as soon as possible so that when your blog is perfect, you will publish the blog post, no blogger becomes professional in one day, but one day is made.

To write your first blog post, go to the first post and click on Add New. After that, please write your content of Post tittle Dal and add an image and publish it. Similarly, you will be able to publish your first blog post by following these steps.

After doing all these steps, you add your blog to Google Search Console, this will add your site to Google's database, and your posts will start getting ranked in Google as soon as possible.

In Blogger, you can add your blog to Google Search Console by adding code to it in the Header section, and in WordPress, you will find many such plugins through which you can add your blog to Google Search Console.

6. Promote to your blog - how to start blogging?

Now I have made my blog for use online and have also given the first post. Now the most challenging step is to have how to generate traffic on your blog. If you know about SEO and have written your SEO Optimize Post, then Organic Traffic will start coming through Google on your blog.

Very few people can write Fully Optimized SEO Post in the initial days, so do not panic. You can also bring traffic by using social media on your blog. You know that today, using the Top Blogger 80/20 Formula, you bring traffic to your blog post. He spends 20% of his time writing blog posts and 80% of his time promoting them. A few years ago, logs used to pay attention to Quantity to get their blog ranked.

As time went by and the number of bloggers increased, people shifted from Quantity to Quality. Today, many bloggers write only one or two blog posts in a month but write quality posts and spend more time promoting them. Due to which his blog on post traffic keeps increasing day by day. For this, you suggest that you pay attention to the quality of your blog post and promote it well on all social media.

For this, you can create a page on the name of your blog on all social media. After this, whenever you write an article on your blog, share it on your social media accounts. Through this, you will be able to bring traffic to your blog in the initial days.

You can join your Niche / Topic related group on Facebook and Instagram, and through this, you can bring traffic to your blog post. You can share your blog posts by creating your group on Social Media Handle.

You can also promote your blog post through comments. For this, you can comment by going to your blog related to Niche / Topic, and on that link of your blog or from that topic related to the pulse of that article, Users can be called on their site.

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Guest posting is also an excellent way through which you can bring visitors to your blog. For this, you can go to others' blogs and take permission from them and write a blog post for their blog and give a link to your blog in that post. The visitor of that blog will come to your blog by clicking on that link, and this is also an excellent way to get your blog promoted. There are many other ways to promote your blog post, but this is one of the best and most used ways in which you have spoken.

7. Earning from your blog - how to start blogging?

Now you have also created your blog and have also written posts on it, and now good traffic has started coming on it, now the most important thing is that now you will earn earnings from your blog.

How to earn money from Blogging, this is a massive topic on which I have already written an article, which you can read by going to our website.

I will also tell you some ways here. There are many ways of Earning from Blogging today, but there are only a few methods that are the most popular.

Ads Network - how to start blogging?

Today is the most popular way to make money by placing advertisements on your blog, and people are earning millions of months by using this method today—Adsense and Ads Network of the most popular.


To take the Approval of Adsense, you should have 30 + Quality Content on your blog, and your blog should be 6 months old; only then will you get Approval of Adsense. But some people also get it in 1 month, and then you keep in mind that 30 + Content should apply for the Adsense of pulses in 1 or 2 months.


There is a problem in getting approval in Media dot net, and it only approves English blog, so if your the blog is in English, you can apply for it.

 3.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also an excellent source today, through which you can earn Earning from your blog. You will get many such websites which give you money to promote their product.

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Start Blogging I have given you all the knowledge related to this topic. Today many people want money by Blogging, but they do not want to spend money on Blogging.

Thank you


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