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How to change wifi password? | WiFi password change

Everything you wonder about how to change wifi password is in this article! We have listed what you need to do when you set up your modem for the first time or if you want to change your modem/router's password later. Here is our guide to changing WiFi passwords.

How to change wifi password
How to change wifi password


  •        WiFi password change
  •         How to Change WiFi Name And how to change wifi password?
  •        What is Wifi Password?
  •        What Does Wifi Password Do?
  •        How to Change Wifi Password?
  •        How to Change Wifi Username?

How to change wifi password? | WiFi password change 

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Developments are to survive era in the field of fiber internet infrastructure and 5G worked by the US. To change the password of your wireless internet, you must first connect to the modem or router's interface. By the way, if you are setting up your modem or router for the first time but do not know the current password, it writes the password specified for the first use on the box or in the user manual of the product you bought.

To change it, while our computer is connected to the wireless network, we need to enter any browser, type in the address bar, and press enter. At this stage, we need to log into the interface of our modem or router. The username and password of each brand model can be different for accessing the interface. For this reason, you can learn this information either by looking at the user manual of the product or by doing a small search on Google.

You have previously changed the password of the modem interface and if you do not remember it, you can reset the modem settings completely by holding down the small reset button on the modem for a while and you can enter the modem interface with the default user name and password of the device.

If you could not reach any interface with the address, you need to open the " Run " section in Windows and type " ipconfig ". It is possible to find out your local IP address by looking at the "Default Network Temporarily".

how to change wifi password

After logging into the Modem / Router interface, we need to access the wireless network settings by clicking on the section that says "Wireless". In this section, we can change the current password by clicking the section " Wireless Network Name (SSID)". While the password should have a minimum of 8 characters, it is also useful to use symbols and numbers together with small and capital letters to be safe.

At this point, if your modem is a dual-band modem, you need to change both the 2.4 GHz band and the password of the 5 GHz wireless network. Although technically both are connected to the same internet network, you can make different passwords for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands because they are different wireless networks. You can also change the name given to the wireless network together with the password from the Wireless Network Name (SSID) section. This name will be the name you will see when you want to connect to the internet with different devices.

How to Change WiFi Name and how to change wifi password?

It means the wi-fi wireless connection area that enables technological devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. In other words, you can use the internet on your devices such as smartphones and computers with this connection area. The wifi password is the special password determined to ensure security in wireless connection. Strengthening your wireless network security settings prevents others from using your internet. Wi-Fi name and password can be changed to increase security. Internet service providers determine the wi-fi name and password while providing you with an internet connection.

This name and password determined at the beginning are the security settings determined by the internet service provider. If you want, you can give a unique name to your internet network connection and set your password yourself. That is, the name and password given at the beginning can be complicated.

When a guest visiting your home wants to connect to the internet, it can be difficult to remember this tough name and password. The connection name and password you set yourself provide convenience in daily life. Wifi name change You can see more clearly which connection belongs to you. You can use the name of your choice, not the name specified by the Internet provider.

What is Wifi Password?

The password that protects the internet network you use from other users is called the wi-fi password. When you purchase an internet subscription, the internet provider gives your network a special password. Wi-fi password change is to replace the given security password with a new one of your own. The Wi-Fi password is each user's login key. In other words, you open the door of the virtual world with this key to access the internet. You can customize your key with a name and password that you can remember.

Wi-fi offers you a private web area. You can make the changes you want to protect this area and use it as you wish. This is your ticket to the internet. Wifi password is the security setting that will protect your internet network. If you do not have a strong password, your internet network will be available to everyone. Therefore, you should have a strong password that only you know. The wifi password must consist of at least 8 characters and must be supported by uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

What Does Wifi Password Do?

The virtual world continues to function dynamically even while you sleep. Internet connections are positioned as personal connections. To use the internet securely, the network connection is protected by a wifi password. This password is required to log into the modem that provides an internet connection. Wifi password secures your wireless internet network and makes it easy to connect to the network.

With this special password, only you can use your internet network. You can only share your internet with the devices you want it to use. Forgot the modem password In order not to experience such problems, you can set a memorable password that you set yourself. The password set in the first installation of the modem can be changed easily. It is much more reliable to use your name and strong, unique password for your wireless network. Now we will explain step by step how to change the wifi password.

How to Change Wifi Password?

Using your wireless network securely, you can change the password. Changing the modem password and changing the wifi password is the same. It is the connection to the wifi modem. The stronger and unique the wifi password, the more secure the network connection. For this reason, when changing the password, you should use numbers and letters in the password so that your new password is strong. Let's just say without forgetting. Do not make your wifi name your own. Your wifi network can be easily found this way and can be cracked with a password attempt.

You must choose a unique name and a strong password. So if your name is iliyas, you should not use names such as iliyas kothari. Or you shouldn't make your birthday a password. Learning your wifi username you can find out by contacting your internet provider providing the service. Likewise, they will tell you your password. If you are wondering how to change wifi password, you should follow these steps;

  •   Make sure your wifi connection is turned on  

  •   Open the web browser from any device

  •   Enter the "" search bar in your browser,

  •   User name and password are requested to enter the modem interface on the                     resulting page.

  •   If you don't know the name and password of your wireless network connection, get       it from the internet provider.

  •  After logging in, click on "Wireless Network Settings" from the menu.

  •   Go to the "Network Encryption" section here

  •  You can change the wifi name and password from the Network Encryption section.


How to Change Wifi Username?

You can follow the same steps above to change your wifi username. You can complete the Wifi username change process by following the same steps as changing the password. You can change your connection domain name and password in the Network Encryption section. When you type the IP address of the modem in the web browser, you can access the modem settings page.

You can change the name in the Network Name section by going to the SSID field in the modem settings. Here will be the current network name of the internet provider you are using. You can delete it for your wireless network and enter the name you specified here. How to change wifi password You can also change the network name by following the guide steps we offer while answering the question. Remember, you must click the Save Settings tab after making the changes. By entering the modem IP address, you can access the modem settings and make the changes you want. The IP address you need to type in the web browser will be one of the following;

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